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Core Aligned Literacy Practices (EL/BPS Videos):

 In this video, Caitlin LeClair, seventh-grade social studies teacher at King Middle School in Portland, Maine, supports her students to read complex texts fiction and nonfiction about South Sudan. LeClair supports her diverse group of learners by choosing compelling topics; working through a progression of increasingly complex texts; and providing scaffolding and support to build their skills as close readers.

 In this video, students from Kerry Meehan's third-grade class at World of Inquiry School #58 in Rochester, NY, experience a close reading lesson from an Expeditionary Learning ELA curriculum module (G3:M2A:U1:L2). The teacher guides students through the close reading process, checks for understanding, and leverages the power of student talk and collaboration to help them make meaning of a complex text.

 In this video, a third-grade teacher adapts and differentiates a close reading lesson from an Expeditionary Learning curriculum module. Meehan attends to students' various readiness levels through her instructional decisions, the adaptation of materials, and classroom management strategies.

Core Aligned Literacy Practices (EL/BPS Videos):

 In this video, students in Erin Daly's fifth-grade class at PS 36 in Bronx, NY, engage in a jigsaw protocol to deepen their understanding of the novel Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

 In this video, students in Andrew Hossack's fifth-grade class at Tapestry Charter School in Buffalo, NY, use close reading strategies to determine the main idea and important details from a newspaper article about the Seneca people.

 In this video, students in Chris DiFulvio and Chris Leins’ eighth-grade classroom in Homer, NY are engaged in the close reading process. The students grapple with the complex non-fiction text, Unbroken, to deepen their understanding of the book’s central character and of the World War II era.

Core Aligned Literacy Practices (EL/BPS Videos):

 In this video, BPS teachers host a Fishbowl to seek feedback from observers on outcomes for an effective planning meeting. The Fishbowl processes provide a creative way to include colleagues in a small group discussion. Teachers are seated in circle, having a conversation in full view of a group of listeners. The moderator asks observers to take notes on what is happening e.g. language in use, moves we make and how the Fishbowl protocol proceeds.

 In this video, eighth-grade students in Jeanne Boland's Humanities class at the Odyssey School in Denver, CO, spend a week building background knowledge, reading closely, gathering evidence, testing ideas, and debating their claims in preparation for writing a summative essay about the stand Atticus takes in To Kill a Mockingbird.

 In this video, Jennifer Dauphinais leads her fifth-grade students from Brennan Rogers Magnet School in New Haven, CT, through a jigsaw protocol. In a jigsaw protocol small groups of students become experts in one section or text and hear oral summaries of the others. The protocol allows students to synthesize across texts and gain new understandings from their classmates about the topic as a whole.

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