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Core Aligned Literacy Practices (EL/BPS Videos):

 In this video, fourth-grade students in Rebecca Osborn's and Josephine Dale's class at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy in Rochester, NY, engage in a "science talk," an instructional practice that promotes inquiry and collaboration. Science talks allow all students to do exactly what scientists do: think about, wonder about, and talk about how things work, the origins of phenomena, and the essence of things.

 In this video, eighth-grade students in Syracuse, New York use the simple, yet powerful assessment strategy of exit tickets. At the end of class, students write on note cards or slips of paper an important idea they learned, a question they have, a prediction about what will come next, or a thought about the lesson for the day. Alternatively, students could turn-in such a response at the start of the next day either based on the learning from the day before or the previous night's homework. These quick writes can be used to assess students' knowledge or to make decisions about next teaching steps or points that need clarifying. This reflection helps students to focus as they enter the classroom or solidifies learning before they leave.

 In this video, eighth-grade students in Rich Richardson's class at an Expeditionary Learning Middle School use an interactive word wall to demonstrate their conceptual understanding of words in context. A word wall in the classroom is a powerful instructional tool to strengthen content vocabulary or concepts. A word wall can be an organized collection of words (and sometimes phrases) displayed on a wall or other space in the classroom. In this example, however, the "wall" moves to the floor to allow students to easily connect to one other's ideas and show their collective understanding. It allows both the students and the teacher to see how their knowledge has grown or perhaps where gaps may still exist.

Natures Birds, Whales, & BBC Forests Video:

Science & Technical Subjects Video:

Student Learning Outcomes, Pacing Guides and Calendars (Source: BPS Science Weebly)

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) documents provide support to teachers as they plan units and lessons. Each SLO provides information about the expectations for students' learning, standards, Common Writing and Close Reading Assignments, as well as pacing and the main learning targets for each unit.

Student Learning Outcome Example:
Download a PDF of this image to help understand the SLO structure.

Complex Text Selections and BPS-Developed Text Dependent Questions (Source: BPS Science Weebly)

FOSS K  Animals Two by Two Isopods 
FOSS K  Wood and Paper The Story of a Chair

Grade 1
SIRS Article 1 Solids and Liquids Changing Solids pp. 16-21 and TDQs
STC 1 Organisms Four Amazing Plants 
FOSS 1 Air and Weather Understanding the Weather 

Grade 2
FOSS 2 New Plants Animal Teeth
FOSS 2 Insects Environment
FOSS 2 Pebbles, Sand, and Silt What Is in Soil? 

Grade 3
FOSS 3 Physics of Sound Highs and Lows
FOSS 3 Structures of Life Traveling Seeds
FOSS 3 Water Why Pipes Burst

Grade 4
STC Student Resource Book 4 Motion and Design Lunar Rover: Making Tracks on the Moon pp. 52-53 and TDQs
FOSS 4 Magnetism and Electricity Making Static
STC 4 Animal Studies What Makes Beavers Special Teachers Guide and TDQs

Grade 5
Science News For Kids 5 Ecosystems Changing Climate Alters Fish Behavior and TDQs
Science News 5 Landforms Curiosity Goes to the Flow and TDQs
Science News For Kids 5 Measuring Time Home on the Moon and TDQs
STC Student Resource Book 5 Ecosystems Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring: A Quiet Book Makes Noise pp. 60-61 and TDQs
Website 5 Levers and Pulleys Rube Goldberg Biography and TDQs

Grade 6
FOSS 6 Weather and Water Heating the Atmosphere
STC Student Resource Book 6 Human Body Systems Nutrients: You Just Can’t Live Without ‘Em pp. 20-23 and TDQs

Grade 7
FOSS 7 Earth History Destroying and Reconstructing Earth
FOSS 7 Force and Motion How To Get and Hold Onto A Moon
FOSS 7 Diversity of Life The Insect Empire

Grade 8
FOSS 8 Populations and Ecosystems Biosphere 2: An Experiment In Isolation
FOSS 8 Populations and Ecosystems Limiting Factors
FOSS 8 Chemical Interactions Particles in Motion
FOSS 8 Planetary Science The Crater That Ended The Reign Of the Dinosaurs

HS Physics
Website 9 Physics Helium Not So Super After All and TDQs
Website 9 Physics Hot Technology and TDQs
Website 9 Physics Thermal Equilibrium and TDQs
Website 9 Physics What Happens When An Aircraft Breaks The Sound Barrier and TDQs

HS Biology
Website 10 Biology Found in South Africa: Key Link in Human Evolution and TDQs
BSCS10 Biology What Happens To the Food You Eat pp. 338-340 and TDQs
Website 10 Biology Why Cheaper Genetic Testing Could Cost Us a Fortune and TDQs
BSCS 10 Biology Molecular Movement pp. 226-227 and TDQs

HS Chemistry
Website 11 Chemistry Sugar an Unusual Explosive and TDQs
Website 11 Chemistry The Chemistry Of Popcorn-It's All About 'Pop-Ability' and TDQs
Website 11 Chemistry The Surprisingly Scientific Flash Behind the Fireworks and TDQs
Website 11 Chemistry Why a Molecule’s Shape Matters and TDQs