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   Educators, school leaders and other educational professionals may use the
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    To get started, we (1) encourage educators to browse video sites including:
    Vimeo, PBS, Flocabulary, Teachingchannel, TeacherTube, Youtube,
    Knowmia, EngageNY, Watch Know Learn, Khan Academy, Ted and
    Blinkx among others; (2) suggest educators complete the iVideo form below;
    and (3) click Submit! Let's accentuate online learning together.

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Grades K-2 Collection:
When Two Vowels Go Walking Alphabet Vimeo The Alphabet Song Phonics Song A-Z
Learn to Count with Shawn the Train 10 Little Numbers The Shapes Song Learn about Shapes with Shawn's Rollercoaster
Learn Colors and Decorate the Tree Do Unto Others Ladder of Feedback TBA

Grades 3-5 Video Collection:
Open Circle Overview Student Perspectives What is Open Circle? Open Circle in Action
CALM Grade 3 Texts - Rain School CALM Grade 3 Texts - That Book Woman CALM Grade 3 Texts - Nasreen’s Secret School

Grades 6-8 Video Collection:
Hour of Code Earth Flight, PBS TED: Khan Academy

Lets connect learning with living™
Mrs. Chong Truly Amazing Teacher A Powerful Speech by Martin Sheen

BPS Assignment and Choice:
BPS Home-Based School Choice Plan (English) Entendiendo el nuevo de Selección Escolar...(Español) BPS Open For ALL

DESE 2014 Accountability Tutorials:
Overview of Massachusetts' accountability measures Part I: The Progress and Performance Index, PPI (DESE) Part II: School percentiles (DESE)